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Good Morning to all and Happy Monday ! I haven’t posted in a while and I am sorry for that. Today I am going to show off one of my favorite thrifted items which is this $4 camo skirt. Let’s talk about the awesome story on how I got this lovely skirt ! I was thrifting for my vacation and I had an instant gut feeling, it was telling me to go to the men’s section. Once I hit the men’s short rack this skirt was sitting at the end of the aisle ! It was my size and just what I had been looking for ! 


 I paired this skirt with a Divided Gray shirt from H&M. If you ever heard of the rock band called Blondie this shirt was only $17.99. I wanted to stay simple so I paired this outfit with my all white shell toe adidas. I got my shoes on sale but they are key pieces for your wardrobe. 

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Happy Birthday to me !

     May 28th was my wonderful birthday ! I turned 23 years old and decided it was time for me to go try out the Sugar Factory. The lovely top I am wearing I made myself a while back when I got my sewing machine. When I tell you I felt special because no one else has this top! So many compliments from people on the strip and the way they reacted when I told them I made it myself ! The skirt I am wearing I picked up from H&M  for $10 and the shoes I got from Urban Outfitters for $5. Overall I only spent $20 on my outfit ! 


Unavailable OOTD

I have been away for some time now and I am coming back with a lot of OOTD’s plus more for you guys! This outfit was not thrifted. My lovely boyfriend and I went to the Fashion Outlets to do a little shopping Sunday morning and this was my outfit! Something fun, simple and cute. 

  • Unavaible tank – H&M $12
  • Sheer Peplum top- H&M $14 
  • Black purse- H&M $5
  • Black high waisted Jeans- F21 $9
  • Adidas shell toes- Akaira $35 sale 

Pop of Yellow: OOTD


YAS ! I finally stepped outside my all black clothing boundaries and tried something new. I decided to pull out my spring jacket that I bought from boohoo.com when they had 70% off the entire site !  I got it for only $20 (Insert Praise Hands Emoji). The lovely tie shirt is from Zara and I only got it for $12.90 ! I bought a black version also just so you know how much I love this top. Lastly, my jeans and if you know me you have guessed right they are thrifted ! I bought these Calvin Klein mom jeans for only $1 at my local thrift store. Very basic outfit but the jacket makes a bold statement, you can always dress up your outfits with any bold statement piece. That can go for any outerwear, accessories, shoes and clothing. In my next blog I will show you how to pick out statement pieces to go into your capsule wardrobe.


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