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Essential Ingredient for a LIT Outfit !

We all know when it’s bright and sunny outside, we can’t bear to squint our eyes to see what’s in front of us. Am I Right ? or Am I RIGHT ! This will be your first KEY Essential for your wardrobe. You guessed right it’s SUNGLASSES ! Ladies & Gents lets talk about how sunglasses can spice up your outfit. No matter what you are wearing, yes I said it you could be wearing sweats and have a bad hair day! Sunglasses can change your outfit from bland to BAM ! I know some people are saying ” But the sunglasses I want are too EXPENSIVE ! ” a lot of high-end brands will have dupes and if you want the look check out Sunglass Spot¬†for affordable sunglasses! I am telling you that you can find your boho round, rock-star and even simple aviator sunglasses for $5. I like to stock up on all types of sunglasses from rimless, over sized & bold color! I like to get sunglass trend ideas from my favorite brand ads or even from magazines. If you don’t want to buy a magazine you can get ideas from Instagram and your favorite icons. Don’t start your Spring off with no accessories, go to H&M also F21 for cheap sunglasses !

This will be your 1st Essential Ingredient to a LIT Outfit !

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