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Essential Ingredient for a LIT Outfit !

We all know when it’s bright and sunny outside, we can’t bear to squint our eyes to see what’s in front of us. Am I Right ? or Am I RIGHT ! This will be your first KEY Essential for your wardrobe. You guessed right it’s SUNGLASSES ! Ladies & Gents lets talk about how sunglasses can spice up your outfit. No matter what you are wearing, yes I said it you could be wearing sweats and have a bad hair day! Sunglasses can change your outfit from bland to BAM ! I know some people are saying ” But the sunglasses I want are too EXPENSIVE ! ” a lot of high-end brands will have dupes and if you want the look check out Sunglass Spot for affordable sunglasses! I am telling you that you can find your boho round, rock-star and even simple aviator sunglasses for $5. I like to stock up on all types of sunglasses from rimless, over sized & bold color! I like to get sunglass trend ideas from my favorite brand ads or even from magazines. If you don’t want to buy a magazine you can get ideas from Instagram and your favorite icons. Don’t start your Spring off with no accessories, go to H&M also F21 for cheap sunglasses !

This will be your 1st Essential Ingredient to a LIT Outfit !

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How to: Thrift Efficiently

Welcome back everyone ! In this post I will be telling you how to thrift efficiently. Thrifting can get out of hand with the great deals/prices only because it will make you buy everything you see and then never wear it! I would not be discussing this if I haven’t done it myself. The first thing to know before you go shopping is: write down a list on what you are looking for at the store. When you make a list you are making sure that you stay on task. Also give yourself a budget so you won’t break the bank. Just a tip for when you walk into the store, write down the deals of the day in your notes so you can remember them while you’re walking around. [ SPOILER ALERT ]  If you are shopping at a Salvation Army this deal is for you. Throughout the week they have a certain tag color on sale (example. White ) and those tags would be 50% off Mon-Fri. Then on Saturday all white tags would be 60 cents ! Isn’t that awesome. Don’t be afraid to ask the workers about their deals for the week and also at the end of the month.

This next rule is very important. Check every inch of the clothing for stains, rips or any flaw in the garment. If you find a stain and you believe that it will wash out, go ahead put it in your basket. Some stains in the clothing look like they may come out, but they can be water stains. Those honey are not our best friends ! A tip to see if the stain can be removed is to bring a water bottle and a paper towel and lightly wipe it. If you see if fading away you have found a keeper. Always make sure that you try on your clothes before you buy them. If the shirt says it’s a large you must remember that some clothing are lightly used and have been washed and dried multiple times so it might be a small now. Don’t forget to visit every aisle even the sleep wear, you never know what you may find because things are being moved around all day.

After you have tried on all of the clothes in your basket, it is now time to narrow down your choices. I usually ask myself how many times will I wear the item, then I would think of three outfits for it. Once you hit your three outfit thoughts you are ready to keep it and then discard the others that you are really having trouble with. Now, we all have that one item that is a ” I know it’s not on my list but I NEED THIS !” Go ahead and treat yourself, but make sure that it will not collect dust or end up back in the place you are in now. Thrift stores refresh themselves everyday ! You will always go back and find different items so make sure you visit it often and just check and see what they have. You are now ready to go out and buy some clothes. Just remember these rules and you will not break the bank, or become a clothing hoarder. – Parris DeEtte

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